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Forgotten Necropolis Diorama Resin Kit


What kind of hero (or fool) will dare to discover the secrets waiting for this forgotten cemetery? 
What grave danger will he encounter?

This kit contains 1 Gothic Shrine model and 29 other resin elements that allow you to create dioramas or a realistic piece of the battlefield for tabletop miniatures games:

1 Gothic Shrine,
2 Sarcophagus with removable plate,
4 Candlestick with candles,
4 Candlestick with fire plates,
3 Cemetery Statues,
6 Ravens,
10 Gravestones.

Ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models and as diorama decorations.

Suitable for various games in different settings (dark age, medieval, western, WWII, fantasy, steampunk, grimdark, sci-fi).

Elements supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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