About HQ Resin

Our company, as its name implies, is producing top quality resin models. Our offer is intended for modelers and wargamers, who create stunning dioramas and wargaming tables. We strive to make our kits and models unique and have them the character. This feature makes us stand out against many of the generic products that are nowadays on the market.We put a lot of passion in each of our models, to make them unique as possible. We mix techniques to create our master models – we use both classical methods and the help of professional sculptors as well as the modern benefits of 3D printing technology.

Our models are made from the resin of the highest quality which gives them great looks and durability. We are constantly working to expand our range in all directions so that our models will reach both the futuristic, dystopian cities and cosmic battlegrounds as well as the interiors of medieval castles and elven kingdoms.

We want you to make your diorama great again!

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