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Crystal Mine Basing Kit 1


Many adventures lead the characters into the dark corridors of the mines. Even in modern times, you can find various treasures in the depths of forgotten tunnels. Do you have the courage to see what horror is hidden behind them in the dark?

This kit contains 15 resin elements (including some multipart models)!

In this set you get:

mining cart (multi-part model),
1 mine wooden stamps,
2 crates full of crystals,
1 guard dog,
1 a large wooden barrel,
1 oil lamp,
2 wooden buckets,
2 spades,
1 a large hammer to crush the rocks,
3 picks.

Ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models and as diorama decorations.

Suitable for various games in different settings (dark age, medieval, western, WWII, fantasy, steampunk).

Elements supplied unpainted and require assembly.


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